Dear Friends,

After ISF and Garberville Rotary hosted a biochar demonstration, All Fired Up, on Dec 8, 2018, many people asked for an event with broader considerations of carbon, community preparedness, more biochar, prescribed burn information and other fire issues.

Now with the Governor’s proclaiming a Wildfire State of Emergency, hundreds of millions of state fund dollars dedicated to prepare for future fire ignitions, ISF decided to sponsor a second event, Embracing Fire 2019, Saturday, May 11th, 9 am to 4 pm at the Mateel Community Center in Redway.

ISF is creating a festive, family oriented, and community gathering to promote confident preparation for fire safely. Our goal is to enhance community and agency co-operation for our civil defense and biospheric preservation. We are bringing local, state and Federal agencies together to meet with the pubic. Presentations will include accounts of the recent years massive fires and how we can prepare and prevent them in our region. We will also present information from speakers, literature, vendors and agency exhibits  [including work and career info], and an exploration of funding sources for personal, homestead and community projects as well as having fuel reduction practitioners and contractors. 

It’s the day before Mother’s Day and Moms and their kids will not be left out.  Smokie the Bear will even be there. Kids will be welcome to the kids corner, and even to explore a fire engine. There will be stories, playing, art supplies, a biochar fire pit and music.

Conversations before, between, and after presentations and around exhibits may be the most informative and influential element of the event. I hope you can attend and invite your world. ISF is pleased to offer Embracing Fire 2019. We would like the public to attend and speak out. 

We will have continental style breakfast at 9 am, low cost lunch after the morning session, and towards the end beer, beverages, and cross pollinating discussions. We offer a first drink free to all fire personnel who are wearing their fire affiliation. Please feel free to offer to buy them another. Look for detailed schedules of presenters as that agenda is finalized in the next weeks. Hope to see you there: Embracing Fire 2019, at the Mateel, May, 11, 2019

Chip Tittmann, President, ISF, 707-599-2549 

Greg Condon, ISF Director,  585 820-8741